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Foreign languages online

Language Live.Net courses help you study languages online with the help of Skype.

The uniqueness of online courses is that:

·         You are trained only by qualified teachers.

·         Your teachers are native speakers with many years of successful experience.

·         Our individually designed training programs guarantee fast results.

·         Classes are held individually, according to your schedule.

·         You have a freedom of choice and a flexible program!

·         We will make a free personal website for you to help you with your study.

We offer you a wide range of training programs for any level of knowledge, from beginner to the advanced level.

Business courses, preparation for interviews , preparation for the EGE (The State Examination), help with homework and translating texts.


The Modern Way to Learn a Language Online.

All lelitsa.com partner teachers are native speakers who have been selected to join our roster of instructors. You can browse hundreds of lelitsa.com partner teacher profiles and schedule trial lessons to find the right one for you.

Language Partners

To provide you with the best study experience, we also have several partner companies on our site which offer many products and services to help you with your language studies and more! 

Our partner companies:


Professional teachers, native speakers
Teachers have long specialized in teaching methods via Skype
Individual learning plans
The free 30-minute trial lesson
You can choose between 40 different languages
A wide range of courses
A combination of different courses
Large teaching experience via Skype
All of our teachers can speak a second language
We offer lessons in small groups
You can create individual programs
We offer group lessons
Personalized programs and course combinations are possible
Personalized learning plans
Wide variety of language courses
Our lessons are of high quality and reasonable price
Free learning materials
You will have your own website (for free!)

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