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Ukrainian language course via Skype

About the Ukrainian language

Ukrainian language- is the language of the Ukrainians, one of the Slavic languages. Together with Belorussian and Russian languages they make up the East Slavic language group. Used mainly on the territory of the Ukraine, but also in Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia and with the descendants of immigrants in the Western Europe, USA and Australia. It is in fact the national language of the Ukraine. The total number of speakers around the world is rather high and according to various estimates it is from 36 to 45 million people.

The foundation of vocabulary of the Ukrainian is Proto-Slavic lexical fund, a number of words from the old Russian and also words from strictly Ukrainian origin.

In the Ukrainian language there are dialects, which divide into three groups: south-west, north and which is now classed as the modern literary language, south-east dialect.

The curious features of the Ukrainian language could be considered the absence of “vowel reductions”, preservation of the vocative case and also the preservation of the pluperfect and the synthetic forms of the future verbs.


Why learn  Ukrainian on Skype

Ukrainian lessons by Skype will let you combine all the benefits of traditional learning with the advantages of online learning. So, just like in traditional courses, you will study with one of our professional Ukrainian instructors, but you will be able to set a schedule that is convenient for you, and you save time because you don't have to leave your own home. Your instructor will be a native speaker from Ukrainian. And, you are guaranteed a personalized learning experience. If, for example, you want to focus only on conversational Ukrainian instead of grammar, you just need to discuss this with your instructor.


How to learn  Ukrainian on Skype

Lessons on Skype do not differ from traditional private lessons during which the student and the teacher can see and hear each other. All the materials that you will need for each lesson are sent to you electronically in advance. Because your lessons on Skype are one-on-one, you and your instructor can easily tailor your learning experience to your needs and desires. You can focus on the topics that are most important and interesting to you, and you can spend as much time as you need to on any particular topic. So, if you need to spend extra time on numbers, for example, you just need to tell your instructor. Your course of study is designed just for you, so don't be afraid to speak up!


Getting Started

To start learning Ukrainian, you first need to register on the website. After you register, a consultant will contact you to discuss what it is that you want to learn and when you want to study. The consultant will then pick the most suitable instructor for you and arrange a free trial lesson. During the trial lesson, the tutor will assess your language level so that a course of study can be developed for you. After the trial lesson, a consultant will help you understand how to pay for classes. Then, you can start to learn Ukrainian!


Choose your course!


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  • Foreign language for tourists
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  • Exam preparation
  • Foreign language for kids
  • Custom developed  programs


Our Teachers

The school is very serious about the choice of teachers. Our teachers must not only be fluent in a foreign language, but also have a pedagogical or linguistic education, work experience not less than 4 years, the ability to work with people and a good command of online foreign language teaching methods.

Our school conducts interviews and tests each teacher.

You can view a summary of our teachers and to choose a tutor for trial lessons: