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Our Courses

General English 

General English and other Languages lessons with Language Live provide a strong foundation for everyday English and other Languages communication.

Our teachers specialize in helping students feel comfortable talking to a native speaker, improving your confidence, vocabulary and grammar when talking about everyday situations.

Business English 

Business English and other Languages lessons by Skype or telephone with Language Live .Net allow you to succeed whatever your language needs.

In today's world English is more important than ever for connecting with customers on a global scale. Language Live understands demands can be high for business English and our professionally trained teachers have the expertise to help you meet your goals

Exam preparation with Language Live .Net

Language Live provides a comprehensive range of courses that will fully prepare you for the main Cambridge English exams, including, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, CAE, FCE, PET and also business exams such as BEC.

Qualifications in these exams can provide a huge boost to your careers, or for those wanting to work or study abroad they can be essential.

Each course is provided by a qualified and experienced native teacher, with a combined experience of over 20 years in providing these exams we are sure we can give you the advantage you need to succeed!

100% professional course

English Courses and Other Languages For Children with Languge Live .Net

Learning English has never been so much fun, especially with our carefully designed courses for children. We encourage children to communicate in English throughout the lesson, maximising their talking time through engaging and creative activities, allowing them to improve their communication skills.

English Courses and Other Languages For Adults with Language Live .Net

Our group lessons are designed to boost confidence in speaking and improve a student’s ability to communicate, whether for personal, business or academic needs. We focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through our specially chosen course books. These course books are filled with stimulating and enjoyable topics that follow the Common European Framework of language learning which optionally allows participation in the Cambridge English examinations.

Our private lessons provide a completely personalised learning experience to meet the specific needs and objectives of each student and are designed following a Cambridge English Placement test and needs analysis questionnaire. Private lessons can be focused for General English, Conversational English or preparation for exams and provide complete immersion in the language.

English and Other Languages for travel and tourism with language Live .Net

International travel is difficult without English. Even when you are not visiting an English-speaking country, you will find yourself needing English to speak to hotel staff, immigration officials at the airport, taxi drivers, and people on the street.

Course for group classes

We are now offering group classes consisting of no more than 2-5 students, preferably at the high intermediate to advanced levels. Each class will consist of discussing readings on many topics such as current events and technology which will be given as homework, and some classes will offer the opportunity to read a modern American novel and high-level English texts. These classes will be held for 60 minutes twice a week  on a conference call with webcams.