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Affordable GMAT verbal Tutors http://learnenglishliveonline.com will provide you the training necessary to successfully take all sections of the GMAT verbal exam. Our GMAT verbal tutors have experience working with hundreds of students from around the world. All of our GMAT verbal tutors offer afree evaluation class to al of the potential GMAT verbal students so that they can discuss their goals and weaknesses in person and each GMAT Tutoring package can be customized to each GMAT verbal students needs.What is the GMAT used for? The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a required test to enter all of the top Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs in the world. By passing the GMAT you will increase your chances of entering in the MBA program of your choice.

  • GMAT exams are a requirement to be admitted into the top MBA programs in the world
  • By passing the GMAT and getting an MBA one can greatly increase their career and salary outlook
  • The personal satisfaction of passing the GMAT can give you the confidence do reach your goals.

Flexible Tutoring Plans – GMAT Tutoring Costs http://learnenglishliveonline.com Buy as few or as many hours of GMAT verbal tutoring as you would like and use the classes when and where you want. There is no minimum of GMAT verbal tutoring sessions you have to take each week and no maximum GMAT verbal tutoring sessions you can schedule. And the best part is that your hours with your GMAT verbal tutor never expire.

The price for a 60 Minute lesson is $ 29.87,

When you pay in advance for eight lessons or more, you will save money:

  5    lessons – $    114.35,

10    lessons – $    275.30,  a Discount of   5% or $ 27.53 a lesson.
20    lessons – $    519.80,  a Discount of 10% or $ 25.99 a lesson.
30    lessons – $    738.90,  a Discount of 15% or $ 24.63 a lesson.
40    lessons – $    919.60,  a Discount of 20% or $ 22.99 a lesson.
50    lessons – $ 1.199.00,  a Discount of 25% or $ 21.73 a lesson.
60    lessons – $ 1.079.46,  a Discount of 30% or $ 19.99 a lesson.

What will the GMAT verbal test involve? The GMAT verbal exam is broken down into 3 different sections. The Reading and Comprehension section, the Critical Reasoning section and the Sentence Correction section. The professional GMAT verbal tutors at https://www.languagelive.net can assist you in preparing for with all of the sections of the GMAT verbal exam.

GMAT VERBAL EXAM – Reading Comprehension Questions

  • Understanding words and statements in reading passages:Questions of this type test your understanding of and ability to comprehend terms used in the passage and your understanding of the English language.
  • Understanding the logical relationships between significant points and concepts in the reading passages: Questions of this type ask you to determine the strong and weak points of an argument or to evaluate the importance of arguments and ideas in a passage.
  • Drawing inferences from facts and statements in the reading passages: Questions of this type ask you to consider factual statements or information and, on the basis of that information, reach a general conclusion.
  • Understanding and following the development of quantitative concepts as they are presented in verbal material: Questions of this type involve the interpretation of numerical data or the use of simple arithmetic to reach conclusions about material in a passage.

    GMAT VERBAL EXAM – Critical Reasoning Questions

  • Argument construction: Questions of this type may ask you to recognize the basic structure of an argument, properly drawn conclusions, underlying assumptions, well-supported explanatory hypotheses, or parallels between structurally similar arguments.
  • Argument evaluation: Questions of this type may ask you to analyze a given argument, recognize factors that would strengthen or weaken an argument, reasoning errors committed in making an argument, or aspects of the methods by which an argument proceeds.
  • Formulating and evaluating a plan of action: Questions of this type may ask you to recognize the relative appropriateness, effectiveness, or efficiency of different plans of action; factors that would strengthen or weaken a proposed plan of action; or assumptions underlying a proposed plan of action.

    GMAT VERBAL EXAM – Sentence Correction Questions

  • Correct expression:A correct sentence is grammatically and structurally sound. It conforms to all the rules of standard written English, e.g., noun-verb agreement, pronoun consistency, pronoun case, and verb tense sequence. A correct sentence will not have dangling, misplaced, or improperly formed modifiers, unidiomatic or inconsistent expressions, or faults in parallel construction.
  • Effective expression: An effective sentence expresses an idea or relationship clearly and concisely, as well as grammatically. This does not mean that the choice with the fewest and simplest words is necessarily the best answer. It means that there are no superfluous words or needlessly complicated expressions in the best choice. In addition, an effective sentence uses proper diction�the standard dictionary meanings of words and the appropriateness of words in context. In evaluating the diction of a sentence, you must be able to recognize whether the words are well chosen, accurate, and suitable for the context.

Speak to one of our professional GMAT verbal tutors for free to see if our GMAT verbal preparation and tutoring service is what you are looking for. No credit card required, and no risk. We look forward to hearing from you.

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