I’m Igor. But you can call me Mr. IT = an Intelligent Teacher/Translator/Interpreter! 😉 10 years of experience.
    A language opens one’s eyes, it opens the hearts and souls of people. If you possess the music of a language, the whole world’s playing and singing for you! I am a happy man – there are three foreign languages that I practice, where English is the main one that I teach. For me, the world is boundless, and I’m pleased to assist you: I enjoy sharing knowledge and experience. And believe me, I'm a very versatile person, I’ve something to tell you! Do you want to speak English? Well, then I can help you with that!
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    My acquaintance with the language began at the age of 8 with an English book that I had as a gift. With it I grew up in every sense. As a teenager, I was invited to England, where I visited various festivals, exhibitions, heard different dialects, absorbed and mastered the language, familiarized myself with the culture.
    I had a chance to get acquainted with very interesting and different people from all over the world. Many English-speaking people used to tell me, "Why don’t you teach??? You really should!" So, I’ve decided to become a teacher. Now I teach English and work as an interpreter and a translator.
    Each of us is interesting and has something to convey, therefore, we learn from each other.
    What can the knowledge of the language give you? Experience, friendship, relationship, a job... You name it! Thanks to the language, you may also master a profession and gain experience abroad. And I’d love to be the English-guide you’re looking for.
    Come on, join in!
    Explore the World with Me.