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Affordable CPE Tutors http://learnenglishliveonline.com will provide you the training necessary to successfully take all sections of the CPE exam. Our Certificate of Proficiency in English tutors have experience working with hundreds of students from around the world. All of our CPE tutors offer a free evaluation class to al of the potential CPE students so that they can discuss their goals and weaknesses in person and each CPE Tutoring package can be customized to each CPE students needs.

What is the CPE used for? The Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) exam is a proof of competency at an advanced level in the English language, which is recognised by all universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and by many universities in Canada, the USA and Europe.

  • CPE exams are accepted in colleges and universities around the world.
  • Many multinational businesses require their employees to pass the CPE exam.
  • The personal satisfaction of passing the CPE can give you the confidence do reach your goals.

Flexible Tutoring Plans – CPE Tutoring Costs http://learnenglishliveonline.com Buy as few or as many hours of Certificate of Proficiency in English tutoring as you would like and use the classes when and where you want. There is no minimum of CPE tutoring sessions you have to take each week and no maximum CPE tutoring sessions you can schedule. And the best part is that your hours with your CPE tutor never expire.

The price for a 60 Minute lesson is $ 29.87,

When you pay in advance for ten lessons or more, you will save money:

  5    lessons – $    114.35, 

10    lessons – $    275.30,  a Discount of   5% or $ 27.53 a lesson. 
20    lessons – $    519.80,  a Discount of 10% or $ 25.99 a lesson. 
30    lessons – $    738.90,  a Discount of 15% or $ 24.63 a lesson. 
40    lessons – $    919.60,  a Discount of 20% or $ 22.99 a lesson. 
50    lessons – $ 1.199.00,  a Discount of 25% or $ 21.73 a lesson. 

60    lessons – $ 1.079.46,  a Discount of 30% or $ 19.99 a lesson.

What will the CPE test involve? The CPE exam is broken down into 5 different sections. Reading, writing, Use in English, Listening, and Speaking. The total time for the CPE exam is approximately 8 hours. The professional CPE tutors at https://www.languagelive.net can assist you in preparing for any section of the CPE exam.


  • Reading: 90 minutes – You will need to demonstrate ability to read and understand the meaning of written English at word, sentence, paragraph and whole text level.
  • Writing: 120 minutes – You will have to produce a number of different pieces of writing such as a short story, a letter, an article, a report, a review or an essay, each of about 300-350 words.
  • Use of English: 90 minutes – You will be tested on how well you control your grammar and vocabulary, and how well you can summarise information.
  • Listening: 40 minutes – You will need to show you can understand the meaning of a range of spoken material, including lectures, news programmes and public announcements.
  • Speaking: 19 minutes – You will take the Speaking test with one or two other candidates, and you will be required to demonstrate different types of speaking, including by yourself and in discussion with the examiner and other candidates.

Speak to one of our professional CPE tutors for free to see if our CPE preparation and tutoring service is what you are looking for. No credit card required, and no risk. We look forward to hearing from you.

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How to use Skype to transform your computer into a virtual English classroom!

    STEP 1 Purchase a Skype compatible headset.

    STEP 2 Create a free Skype account and download the software from Skype.com.

    STEP 3 Sign up for English lessons with http://learnenglishliveonline.com

    STEP 4 Enjoy your Skype English lessons!




        The first lesson is free so you have nothing to lose !








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