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Chinese language course via Skype

Studying a language through Skype is convenient and effective, particularly when the lessons are conducted by a native speaker who is a certified instructor and who boasts extensive work experience.

The online school Language Live  offers private and group Chinese lessons with native speakers who are also professional teachers. With us, you can study Chinese regardless of your level. Our programs have been developed to suit a wide range of students; by taking one of our programs, you will have access to some of today’s most sought after trends in language learning.


Kids Learn Mandarin Chinese

Our Mandarin Chinese Courses for kids are designed for kids from 5-9 years old based on the children’s personalities and their hobbies. This Chinese course helps kids learn Chinesevia playing games and discussing fun topics.   


Teens Learn Mandarin Chinese

Our Mandarin Chinese courses for teens(children age 10-17) will challenge your child to use Chinese in order to communicate general and detailed information for an extended period of time about topics they are familiar with.


Adults Learn Mandarin Chinese

We offer several kinds of private live Mandarin Chinese lessons

for adults that will help you achieve your specific Chinese learning goals. 


Why learn Chinese on Skype

Chinese lessons by Skype will let you combine all the benefits of traditional learning with the advantages of online learning. So, just like in traditional courses, you will study with one of our professional Chinese instructors, but you will be able to set a schedule that is convenient for you, and you save time because you dont have to leave your own home. Your instructor will be a native speaker from China. And, you are guaranteed a personalized learning experience. If, for example, you want to focus only on conversational Chinese instead of grammar, you just need to discuss this with your instructor.


How to learn Chinese on Skype

Lessons on Skype do not differ from traditional private lessons during which the student and the teacher can see and hear each other. All the materials that you will need for each lesson are sent to you electronically in advance. Because your lessons on Skype are one-on-one, you and your instructor can easily tailor your learning experience to your needs and desires. You can focus on the topics that are most important and interesting to you, and you can spend as much time as you need to on any particular topic. So, if you need to spend extra time on numbers, for example, you just need to tell your instructor. Your course of study is designed just for you, so don't be afraid to speak up!


Getting Started

To start learning Chinese, you first need to register on the website. After you register, a consultant will contact you to discuss what it is that you want to learn and when you want to study. The consultant will then pick the most suitable instructor for you and arrange a free trial lesson. During the trial lesson, the tutor will assess your language level so that a course of study can be developed for you. After the trial lesson, a consultant will help you understand how to pay for classes. Then, you can start to learn Chinese!