Business English

    Business English with Language Live .Net

    Business English lessons by Skype or telephone with Language Live .Net allow you to succeed whatever your language needs.In today's world English is more important than ever for connecting with customers on a global scale. Language Live understands demands can be high for business English and our professionally trained teachers have the expertise to help you meet your goalsWe design each business course for each student, so that you can be sure the ESL language training you receive is 100% focussed on helping you and your business succeed. We can design business English courses for specific situations, for example, marketing, sales, accounting, law English, I.T English, engineering, or we can give a broad training in everyday business situations, for example, emailing, telephone calls, meetings and presentations. It is also possible to mix courses for an even broader language training 100% convenience.Many of our students lead busy lives with unpredictable hours, that is why we offer a flexible online booking system with lesson times available from 06:00 - 23:30 Monday to Friday and availability on the weekend. It is possible to book and cancel lessons up to 6 hours before the start

    Suggested Business English courses

    + Job interview preparation. - Practice for that important interview, our professional teachers will help you to prepare, discussing your C.V, experiences, qualifications and allow you to answer job interview questions with fluency and confidence+ Business English for everyday situations. - Practice business English for common situations such as emailing, writing business letters, taking part in meetings, presentations and business telephone calls.+ Business English with emphasis on grammar and pronunciation. Mix grammar exercises with business situations allowing you improve your grammar accuracy while improving business vocabulary+ Business English for specific situations. We can focus business English on any job, for example, marketing, sales, accounting, law English, I.T English, engineering and many more+ Business English for exams, we can help students achieve business related exams that will provide a boost for your career, such at BEC, IELTS or TOEFL.These are just an example of some of the courses we provide for Business English. All our courses are designed for each student, so please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.